Only two weeks left! Help put the PA4 emergency manager law on the ballot.

Actually, we have less than two weeks left!
Deadline is Thursday 16 February 7 pm
Petition signatures must be delivered to the GEO/LEO office on Liberty by that time.

We’re helping to build a bigger cushion to ensure we have enough signatures to let Michigan voters decide whether they want to repeal PA4.

If you’d like to help, please send an email to:

“Emergency managers” are really just Snyder appointees, so let’s call them that.

Why help put this law on the ballot?
1. A Snyder appointee, AKA “emergency manager”, can break contracts.
2. A Snyder appointee can sell public assets, such as parks and buildings, without public approval.
3. A Snyder appointee can tell a school district what to teach. (Sections 17 and 18)
4. Snyder cut the budgets of cities and school districts, and now is forcing appointees on them because they are in financial trouble.
5. A Snyder appointee undermines local democracy. Mayors, city councils, and school boards have no power.
6. And more! See the law.

Read the law at:


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