WCAT Announces Washtenaw Foreclosure Defense (WFD)

The Washtenaw Community Action Team announces Washtenaw Foreclosure Defense (WFD) – a joint venture with members of Occupy Ann Arbor and Occupy Ypsilanti.

WFD is committed to building a broad-based coalition of neighborhood associations, the inter-faith community, social justice and labor organizations, students, and community members to keep the banks out and our neighbors in their homes through know your rights trainings, legal resources, existing governmental and non-profit programs, political action, and direct action. [Excerpt from ‘About Us’ – For More Click Here]

If you are interested in attending our weekly meetings, participating in our bi-weekly community building events or providing legal and/or housing-counseling services write  washtenawforeclosures@gmail.com or call 734-707-1933.







Picture from our bi-weekly community building events.



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