Protect our collective bargaining rights! Join the petition drive!

Should Michigan’s voters decide if they want to protect their collective bargaining rights by amending the state’s constitution?  We think so, and we believe the state will be better off if we amend.  And so we’re doing our part to gather the 322,000 signatures needed to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November 2012.  Watch for a petitions near you!  Or email to join the campaign.

More information at Protect Our Jobs.

Here are the bills that the Republicans have passed, or intend to pass, to destroy collective bargaining, the right to organize, and unions — bit by bit.  It’s a long list, over 80!

What is collective bargaining?  It is the when a group of people seek to negotiate with their employer for better pay, benefits, and working conditions.  They usually choose a representative.

Why does collective bargaining need protection?  Because the Michigan Legislature, under Republican control, is dead set on making it impossible.  See the list of bills.

How do we seek to protect it?  By letting Michiganders decide in the November 2012 election if we need an amendment to Michigan’s constitution that protects collective bargaining.  If we get enough signatures, the question will go on the ballot, so sign the petition!

What can you do?  Join the campaign.  Get a petition, and ask your family and friends to sign it.  If you live in Washtenaw County, email



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