Protect Our Jobs Campaign Update

WCAT members have been working with the Protect Our Jobs campaign in Michigan. Here’s an update from the campaign:

“Showing determination to protect collective bargaining rights for Michigan working men and women, thousands of volunteers with Protect Our Jobs (POJ) participated in a telephone town hall meeting on Thursday, June 28th.
The purpose of this tele-town hall was to give POJ volunteers an overview of the campaign’s achievements so far, including the successful campaign that gathered nearly 700,000 petition signatures in support of the collective bargaining initiative. Volunteers also engaged in a question and answer session which detailed POJ goals,
objectives and priorities leading up to the crucial November 6th election.
The campaign to protect collective bargaining has already overcome one attempt by corporate special interests to stop it. Despite calls to remove the initiative from the ballot, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said she would allow the signature verification process to continue.
This telephone town hall was first of many that POJ will sponsor to help keep our volunteers connected, involved and focused on the many challenges in the weeks and months ahead.”

To join the fight to protect collective bargaining in Michigan, sign up at the Protect Our Jobs website.


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