WCAT and Southeast Michigan Community Support Injured GM Colombian Workers

On November 20, Jorge Parra, president of a union of injured GM-Colombia workers (ASOTRECOL), sewed his mouth shut and restarted his hunger strike, as other ASOTRECOL workers continue their 15-month long tent occupation outside the U.S. embassy in Bogotá, Colombia. To support ASOTRECOL workers, on November 28, members of the Washtenaw Community Action Team joined Southeast Michigan Latin America solidarity activists and labor activists at the Renaissance Center in Detroit in calling for GM to hold direct negotiations with ASOTRECOL.

Free Speech Radio News, a alternative media service broadcast across the U.S., interviewed WCAT organizer Kevin Young. Listen to the interview here.

1128GMProtest_1Participants at Rally for GM Colombian Workers1128_GMProtest_3

For background on ASOTRECOL, see this leaflet (PDF) and other Washtenaw Community Action Team website updates on this struggle.


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