Who We Are

The Washtenaw Community Action Team is a collection of  labor, community, and student activists that work to fight back against destructive legislation; educate people to be engaged politically; and organize for direct action. We are committed to changing the system from the local to the global.

What We’re Fight­ing For

Working families are under attack. Gov. Snyder and Lansing politicians are exploiting the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression to attack vulnerable seniors, aspiring students, poor families, and dedicated workers.

Gov. Snyder’s budget cut over $700 million from K-12 schools and universities, raised taxes on working families by slashing the Earned Income Tax Credit, and create new taxes on seniors’ pensions — all to pay for a $1.8 billion tax give­away to corporate special interests like insurance companies, oil companies, and Wall Street banks.

We need to work together and move Michigan forward. It’s time for Gov. Snyder and Lansing politicians to start standing up for working people.

Help Fight Back

To help fight back against these attacks on working people, you can join our email list, call your State Legislator, attend rallies in your community, write letters to the editor, and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Write to info@washtenawcat.org

We believe that our past and future successes depend on our continued commitment to a democratic decision-making process that draws from the enthusiasm and experiences of our members.


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