Occupy Wall Street ARCHIVED

The Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Together movement is an exciting development in a year which has seen uprisings in support of democracy and the rights of working people from Egypt and Tunisia to Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York City. All over the U.S., activists in both the Occupy Wall Street movement and in peoples’ movements are thinking about how our movements should work together. The Washtenaw Community Action Team recommends the following articles as a way to start this discussion locally:

The Four Habits of Highly Successful Social Movements by Ezra Klein (Washington Post, 10/5/11)

Victory! Transforming Occupy Wall Street from a Moment to a Movement by Peter Dreier (10/7/11)

On the Contrary: A New Labor Insurgency Can Only Begin Outside the Progressive and Labor Establishment by Stephen Lerner (New Labor Forum, Fall 2011)

There are several independent “Occupy” groups in and near Washtenaw County:

Occupy Detroit
Occupy Lansing
(Facebook page)
Occupy Ann Arbor


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