New WCAT Leaflet on Protecting Workers’ Right to Organize

Inequality in the United States has reached unprecedented proportions. Big corporations, banks, and the super-wealthy have enriched themselves at the expense of working people, nearly destroying the economy and the Earth in the process. Yet because of corporate influence over government, politicians in Michigan and elsewhere are now targeting workers as a scapegoat for all the problems caused by banks and corporations. They have spread absurd myths about workers and their unions, and have pushed new laws that restrict workers’ ability to organize and further undermine democracy in the workplace (over 80 in Michigan alone). This new WCAT leaflet highlights the historical role of working-class movements in winning basic rights and freedoms in this country, and explains why a reinvigorated union movement is vital to building a more just and democratic society today. The first step is passing a state constitutional amendment that guarantees the collective bargaining rights of all Michigan workers against present and future attacks. The proposed amendment will appear on the Michigan ballot as a referendum in November 2012. To get involved with this campaign, stop by our weekly meetings, Thursdays at 7pm at 330 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor (3rd floor).

Download the new WCAT leaflet (PDF format).


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