Washtenaw Community Action Team 2012 Ballot Proposal Guide

UPDATE: If you want to help with one very important ballot proposals on the list below, Proposal 2, Protect Working Families is making a huge canvassing push this weekend in Michigan. Please contact Michael at 734-707-9069 if you’re interested.

Washtenaw Community Action Team Values:

  • Democratic participation
  • Fair compensation and respect for workers
  • Racial and gender equality
  • Quality and accessible resources for communities
  • Clean air and environmental sustainability

Positions on Proposals

Proposal 1 – Emergency Manager Law

Authorizes the Governor to appoint an unelected Emergency Manager to make all decisions in financially distressed communities or school districts. The appointed Emergency Manager would have the power to void or change contracts, sell assets, and essentially dismiss local elected officials or school boards. This measure would eliminate accountability and a basic democratic right — the right to vote for elected officials.

Proposal 2 – Collective Bargaining

Guarantees the right of all workers to join a union and collectively bargain with public and private employers regarding wages, hours, working conditions, and other terms of employment without interference from the legislature.

Proposal 3 – Standard for Renewable Energy

Requires utilities to obtain at least 25% of electricity from renewable sources by 2025. Limits consumer rate increases of renewable-related costs to no more than 1% per year and creates incentives to employ Michigan workers and equipment, leading to thousands of new jobs.

Proposal 4 – Home Health Care Workers

Establishes the Michigan Quality Home Care Council to register, perform background checks, and provide standards and training for home health-care providers. Ensures that seniors and people with disabilities have an affordable, safe choice of living at home, and ensures collective bargaining rights for home health-care workers.

Proposal 5 – Supermajority Tax Vote

Would amend the constitution to require a 2/3 majority vote of the legislature, or a statewide vote of the people at a November election, to impose new or additional taxes, expand the base of taxation, or increase the tax rate. A minority of just 13 state senators could stop any tax legislation. No tax increase would ever be passed again, leading to less funds for schools, universities, fire departments, libraries, and other vital community resources.

Proposal 6 – Building New International Bridges

Would require a statewide vote on building a new bridge in Detroit. This proposal is being funded and pushed by the private company that owns the current bridge and wants to hold onto their monopoly. A new bridge is needed to handle the huge volume of truck traffic. Southwest Detroit residents want a new bridge to reduce the truck traffic through their community and the noise, air pollution, and lung problems it causes.

Adopted from the American Federation of Teachers of Michigan Ballot Proposal Guide
By the Washtenaw Community Action Team – http://www.washtenawcat.org


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